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Changing Lives, Families & Communities

We help disadvantaged men throughout the city, to realize their potential in order to exercise greater personal liberty. We teach our clients how to lead productive and sustainable lives and redefine the way they approach professional development.


At MenzFit, we do this through a series of career development and financial literacy workshops. We assist our clients in obtaining knowledge on how traditional and non-traditional workplaces are managed; giving back to their communities; professional workforce development; fitness & health; and managing fatherhood and faith.

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Volunteers and staff explore any concerns or anxieties the client may have regarding his upcoming job interview and discuss the work environment and corporate culture in which the interview will take place. The client is given time to discuss any concerns that he may have and explore issues that may represent barriers to possible employment. The volunteer offers concrete tools to overcome these barriers, reviews the clients’ resume for accuracy and, upon request, spends time coaching the client on successful interviewing techniques. This component of the program lasts approximately 45 minutes.


These men have shown initiative by attending and graduating from job training programs, but they have difficulty getting decent work due to the lack of business clothing. A recent article in the Washington Times reported that although many companies have instituted some form of casual dress, the suit still remains the staple garment for professional dress and job interviews. Volunteers help guide the client through the process of selecting an appropriate outfit for his upcoming interview. 


The Career Development Program (CD)

"Work In Progress, Pathways To Employment" 

The Career Development program is designed to eliminate barriers to employment for low-income men by helping them enhance their professional skills and broaden their awareness and access to career opportunities.

Includes the following workshops:

  • Attitude The Secret to Success

  • Business Communication

  • Putting Your Best "Suit" Forward

  • Diversity: Expanding Awareness

  • Interview Tips & Techniques

  • Mock Interviews

  • Mental Health

  • Fatherhood

  • Healthy Relationships/Marriages

  • Public Speaking

  • Effective Networking

  • Business Ownership

  • Financial Literacy​



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1500 Walnut Street,

Suite 1306

Philadelphia, PA 19102


MenzFit provides each client with a suit during his initial interview and a week's worth of clothing once he lands his job.

Complimentary tailoring, haircuts, and grooming services are also available if needed. A 30-day grooming kit is provided to those men returning home from prison within the first 30 days of his release.

Time Management
Financial Literacy
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